Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Groceries

I made a quick trip to Aldi and Meijer this week.
Total spent here is $39.78

You don't see alot of fresh Fruit but we've been enjoying fresh apples and pears from our own trees! Next week I'm hoping to make a bunch of Applesauce! I love that stuff and so do my kids!! My only cost should be sugar (which I already have) and a little cinnamon!

I spent $15.44 at Meijer for 38 items
and $24.34 at Aldi for 17 items

Total was $39.78 for 55 items.
around .72 cents per item!
I don't need any meat this week from our local butcher.

I will be going to Kroger to stock up on their shredded cheese for $1.25. Total I expect to spend will be around $10. and I spent $4. at CVS for 4 gallons of milk (used my last $4./$20).
Altogether I should be right at my $55. budget.
We are having 2 double birthday parties this weekend. I'm excited to stay in my budget and be able to feed 8 adults and 10+ kids at each party!
Stockpiling really does pay off!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Ann said...

WOW that is awesome! I just recently set a weekly budget for our family and I am very excited to say I have stuck to it this week! Yeaaa!!

Savings Ninja said...

Good job! I am jealous of your apple trees. And all that ice cream :)


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