Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kroger 9-8

I'm not as into Kroger as I was since they
closed down the store I always shopped at.
But I still like to keep an eye on them!

Here are the few things I see for this week..

Kroger cheese -- $1.25 each
Bounty Paper Towels -- $1. -.25 MQ= .50 cents
Dial Soap -- $1. -.35 MQ= .30 cents
Turkey Hill Icecream 1.5 QT -- $2.27 -$1. MQ= $1.27
I know I agree, not to exciting!!


Erica said...

Hey i was just writing because I had won your Carolina pad giveaway a couple months back and I still havent recieved my prize so I was just wondering if you had information about that or if maybe I never emailed my information or something (I really thought i did I will have to back through my sent email to find it.) Thanks so much

Megan said...

Erica, I emailed you about this


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