Thursday, January 14, 2010

CVS Trip

I know it doesn't look like much but
it was practically FREE!!! (pd. tax)

and I can go back and do it again!
I love free milk!!

This week Oust is $3.99
if you buy one you get $3. ECB back
buy 2 and use the b1g1 MQ from a couple weeks
ago and you'll pay $3.99 and get 6 ECB back
$2. overage!!!

Milk is on sale here for $2.49 and get a
.50 cent ECB back.
So use the $2. overage to cover the milk
EVERYTHING'S FREE!!!! (except tax)


My Actual Receipt looked like this
Oust $3.99
Oust $3.99
Milk $2.49
-$3.99 b1g1 MQ Oust
-$2.00 ECB I used
-$4.00 ECB I used
paid .48 cents plus .56 cents tax
Total $1.04

Got back .50 ECB and $6.00 ECB.
So I used $6. ECB and got back $6.50 ECB

Net -- Paid only Tax of .48 cents!!!

Note -- The Oust deal is a limit of 6 but you
can only do 3 in one transaction. That means
you should only use 1 b1g1 Coupon per transaction in
order to maximize your savings!!


Chris said...

the oust deal is for the month - not the week, correct - if we did it last week we can not do it again? (once we have bought 6 of them) ??

Megan said...

Yep as far as I know 6 is the limit!


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