Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Here is our plan this week as we continue
to mostly eat from what we have!

Monday -- Tacos

Tuesday -- Meatballs (I have from in freezer)- I'll throw them in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots-- we'll have applesauce with it.

Wednesday -- Big Salads with hard boiled eggs, ham and all the fixins'- oh and homemade croutons! (I love these!)

Thursday -- Lasagna with homemade Italian cheese bread (this will be a new one for me!) This recipe looks DELICIOUS!!! I'll let you know how it went next week! Probably add left over salad as a side.

Friday -- Out on date night!! We have a gift card for dinner, free movie tickets (thanks Mom!), Kohls gift card, Barnes and Noble gift card, and Best Buy gift card!! What a fun night it will be! I guess I should say day/night (we're leaving right after lunch!) oh and did I mention we are picking the kids up on Saturday!!??!!-- Can't get much better than that!

Saturday -- Homemade Pizza

Sunday -- If it's allowed I'm not sure what to have!?!?!?
I have about 4-5 meals that I rotate for Sunday's but I'm feeling the need for something new!

We leave for church around 8:45 and don't get home until 12:30 So it has to be something quick to prep and almost has to go in crock pot because the little people and the big people are very hungry by 12:30!

Anyone have a favorite recipe they like to throw in the crockpot??? I'd love to try something new! I have chicken and hamburger on hand. Oh and hubby isn't much of a casserole person! (I know it's quite an assignment!)

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Mominin said...

Have fun on Friday!!

Gaertegang said...

Ohhh DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited for YOU! So fun, always needed, always refreshing, and we always look forward to the next one! BONUS...a full 24 hours to yourself...FUN!!! SO have you scanned any details on what deals you are scoring with all those gift cards? Just wondered if you were going with a plan or flying by the seat of your pants?

my little world said...

your date night sounds awesome!

As for crockpot meals easy go-to one is chicken with cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup in the crock pot. The cream of chicken is great over some pasta.

A yummy "sunday dinner" type of thing is chicken pot pie. I put chicken, cream of chicken a bag of frozen mixed veggies (or cut up fresh if you have time) in the crock pot.. for the crust i use already made crust. (the pillsbury kind deep dish comes 2 in a package for like .79 cents) I put the contents of the crock pot in on crust and take the crinkled edge off the other crust and put it on top and put in the oven on 400 for about 12-15 min until the crust is done. YUMMMM

Good luck :)

Laurie said...

Our favorite Sunday lunch meal is very simple. We put a frozen (yep, frozen!) beef roast in the crockpot the night before with a half-cup of water on low. By lunch time the next day, it falls apart. I shred it and add our favorite barbecue sauce and serve it on hamburger buns. The easiest bbq beef sandwiches you'll ever have! I found that if you start it out frozen, it doesn't dry out and keeps all the beef flavor intact.

Have fun on your date!

Mrs. Efird said...

Have fun on your date :) Let us know what you get with your gift cards!

Kimber said...

Another idea is BBQ pork. I've used the McCormick packet in the past (with a coupon, or course) but I'm sure you could just use BBQ sauce on a pork roast. It's a great Sunday meal to come home to, and it will work perfectly with your homemade hamburger buns! (I'd toast the buns a little bit first - it's just my preference, but the BBQ sauce can make buns soggy pretty fast and I don't like it as much that way)


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