Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Hair Cut!

Don't be afraid to try cutting your own kids hair!!
It can save you tons of $$$$!!

I have always cut my 3 boys hair and hubby's too.
But I've never attempted to cut
my daughter's hair until today!!

I didn't plan to, but she kept saying she wanted it cut so
I gave it a try!

Before picture...
(with wet hair)

And the after pictures...
It only took about 25 minutes.
It's not perfect, but she loves it and that's
pretty much all that matters to me!

**well that and the fact that I saved $15. **

The back view.
If you're afraid of a scissors like me,
try using a razor blade. I think it's something
new, at least I have never heard of it until my
beautician used it on me.

I didn't have a real one so I just used a household
razor blade and it worked great. (I used a scissors occasionally
to clean up an area)

You can read about the razor cut here.


Genesa said...

Looks good Halee!
Yeah, none of my kids have had anyone except me cut their hair! Boys are easy, and I've never screwed Bries up too bad! =) Good Job!

Mom of three little Princesses said...

Seriously!!! Please don't use a household razor blade on my neice's hair. Did you forget that I DO HAVE MY LISENCE TO CUT HAIR!!!!!!! Hello you could of called me and I would've cut her hair! Although it looks like you did a pretty good job! And no razor cuts are not new! I have one if you want to use it next time!!! LOL Good job anyways!

Megan said...

Well I guess you use what you have!!!

It was totally a spur of the moment kind of thing!! next time I might just have to take you up on borrowing your razor or of course just have you do it!!!!


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