Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kroger 3-24

Here's the deals I see at Kroger this week. They are having a pretty big 10/$10 sale, but there are not many coupon matchups to go with it. Depending on what you need you might find some pretty good deals tho. I thought the Kroger cooking spray for $1. was a pretty good deal. That is not something I am well stocked on right now!

Please note, my Kroger triples to .50 cents.
10/$10 deals---you do not have to buy 10 to get $1. deals...
Bounty Paper Towels -- $1. -.25MQ = .25
Land O Lakes cold meat-- $1.
Kroger cooking spray -- $1.
Sobe Life Water -- $1. -.50MQ= FREE
Scotch Brite -- $1. -.75/2MQ= .62 cents
--check ad for more 10/$10.
Other Deals...
Quaker True Delights $1.50 wyb4 -$1.MQ= .50--mix & match
Fiber &Omega granona bars $1.50 wyb4 -$1.MQ=.50--mix & match
Bob Evans gravy-- $2.50 -.50MQ= $1.
Grapes -.97 cents/lb
Kroger mac & cheese --.39 cents
Kraft cheese shreds or bars -- $1.79
Pillsbury --$1.(wyb 4) -.25 MQ= .25 cents
Cottonelle- .99 -.50/2 = .25 cents
That's it, let me know what you see. Just leave a comment if you see a good deal or a coupon matchup!
Don't forget to load coupons directly on your Kroger card here and here.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from MBC Follow Me club and I'm following you now. Looking forward to reading your blog. :)

Annie said...

I miss Kroger! I use to live in MI and get some awesome deals. We don't have Kroger here in VA.


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