Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Grocery Haul...

No, this isn't all I got this week! I took a break from lining up all my groceries and just took a pic of this great deal! Yep I got all 5 packs of wipes for FREE!! Notice the packs say "Gentle Care" which means we can use the $5. printable. They are on sale at Meijer for $5. each this week. Awesome deal!!!
We should be stocked up for quite some time! Especially since we're potty training next week. Yes I'm taking the plunge and I think I'll blog about it to keep me accountable...Stay tuned to that mess!!! We'll just use the extra wipes for camping.... We can get a little messy diggin' in the dirt!
So in case you're interested here is the rundown of everything I got this week. Including 6 gallons of milk, which is more that we will need this week...
At Meijer I spent $24.22 for 26 items
Kroger I spent $27.78 for 29 items
and Walgreens I spent $5.07 for 13 items
Total was $57.07 which is just above my $55. budget, but I will get $5. back in rebates from Walgreens this week. So I am fine with being a touch over especially since I got some milk for next week!
How did you do? Leave a comment if you found any great deals.
I think my best deal was finding one of those gallons of milk for .64cents! Yep .64 cents, always keep your eyes open at Kroger and Meijer for their wonderful Managers Specials. It seems I almost always snag something for nearly free that is on Managers Special!


chrissy said...

where did you find the printable coupon for the wipes?

Megan said...

it was on it might still be there but I don't think it is. Sorry...

CJ Sime said...

you do something the other deal people don't do. You tell us how many items you purchased, I really like that. I feel like it puts it into perspective.

Megan said...

Cool, I'm glad it helps!!


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