Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kroger 3-3

Here's the Highlights this week from Kroger... Keep in mind my Kroger still triples up to .50cents!!


Hamburger Helper--.97 cents- .50cellfire= .47 cents

Milk--1.25 buy 4 get them for $1. each--check ad to make sure (it's very different in areas)

Kelloggs Pop Tarts--$1.66-$1./2= $1.16

Kroger Ketchup--$1.15

Kroger Diapers- $6.59-$3.MQ= $3.59 per pack

7th Generation Wipes--$??- $2./1= some said they were a good deal at Kroger???

Cottonelle--.99- .50/2 tripled =.25 cents/pack

Wacky Mac--$1.63- .50 tripled= .13 cents

10# bag russet potatoes- $2.49

Kroger icecream pints .99-.50cents (if you buy 10, can mix and match with a few other items)= .49 each

---these deals I'm not sure on but might be worth checking...

Franks Red Hot sauce--should be free or close after .50/1MQ

Bounty paper towels--should be good deals after .25 MQ tripled

Suave Lotion--might be good deal after .50MQ tripled


Check out more deals here at Hot Coupon World... Let us know if you see anything else...

Load coupon to your card here, here, and here

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