Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning week 1 End Result...

Well we made it through the week! I can't say that we got nearly everything done on the list, but we did accomplish a few things.
First we tackled bagging up tons of toys that don't get played with. My 8 yr. old daughter decided she didn't need some of here little girl toys anymore. (sniff sniff, okay those that know me, know I don't get teary eyed, but still it was a little sad cuz she's growing up too fast) Anyway We had several bags full and this is after taking a couple bags out 3 weeks ago!
It seems these toys just end up thrown everywhere--
so my solution GET RID OF THE CLUTTER!!!
We also had 2 big bags of TRASH... where does it all come from????
I'll let you know if I ever figure that one out!
End Result--not bad and it's stayed pretty clean most of the week. At least I can walk up there without tripping over toys everywhere!! And yes 3 boys will sleep in here shortly after my 2 year old graduates to a big bed! We have a loft where we keep their dressers and toys. So it's kind of like having 2 rooms for 3 boys!!

And Halee's room....
Not quite as good IMO, but the girl has STUFF and Lots of STUFF!!
And if I touch the STUFF I'm in big trouble!!! So I left the STUFF ALONE!!!!
If you have a girl, you might know what I'm talkin' about!!

I'm really hoping the loft can stay close to lookin' like this!
I still need to go through the dressers and pull out clothes that don't fit. Maybe that's a good Saturday project or maybe not...We'll see, I might just be lazy tomorrow!!
Well how did you do??? Go here to see more Spring Cleaning!
Look for week 2 here next week! Join US!


Sarah said...

Wow!!! The results are definately noticable!!! So, when is our garage sale gonna be??? Now I need to weed through the totes of clothes that I save. I know one child cannot wear as much stuff as we have saved... Good job this week! Thanks for linking!!!

Danielle said...

LOOKS GREAT!!!! I skipped this week b/c I just did all this when we switched room with the boys!!! Believe it or not it still looks decent!!

Feels good to have it done right???? I think all other cleaning will be a walk in the park compared to leaning their rooms!!!???

Genesa said...

Great job! I know what your talking about w/ the girl and her stuff! Looks great!

Rachel said...

Hi! I am new to your site... great job! One question: Did you paint that little chest yourself? My little guy would FLIP over that!

Megan said...

Yes, My dad made the toy boxes for his grandchildren several years ago. It's painted and then has stickers stuck on it.

I don't know if he had a pattern or just winged it???


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