Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday!

It's Tuesday again!! Hope you have your tips ready! I thought you all had great tips last week! Remember ANY tip goes whether practical or not. I wanna hear them all!!


Here's my problem--grocery bags stuffed under the sink that are out of control and take up way too much space.....see...

Answer...Use an empty kleenex box and stuff the bags in the box. I was able to stuff 30 plastic bags into the kleenex box! It worked great...and I was able to pull out just 1 bag at a time.

(I know I should be green and not use plastic bags but at this point in my life I'm not!!!)
I use my plastic bags to tie stinky diapers in. (hopefully not much longer)
I also use them to put food in when I clean out the fridge.
It minimizes leaks if I put them in 3-4 bags and tie!
Well that's my tip to control those unruly bags!! What tips do you have this week.
Just link below, I can't wait to read them!
Have a great Day!!

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Danielle said...

Funny that my tip was about those pesky bags also....so here another thing you can do with them :)


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