Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning Week 1

Sarah over here is hosting a 10 week mission to Spring Clean.

This weeks job....The Kids Bedrooms...


As you can see below we have some work to do. About 3 weeks ago we did a major overhaul of the kids bedrooms. You can't tell in these pics but trust me a month ago it was a whole lot WORSE. Anyway our mission 3 weeks ago was to build bunks which you can see. We gathered up some toys that weren't being used and we generally cleaned up


This week I need to go thru all the kids clothes, put up more unused toys, get rid of more TRASH, sweep, dust, wash bedding, and so on. We'll see how far I get. I hope to post after pics later in the week probably Friday or Saturday!


Don't forget to take your before pics and

Come on they can't be any worse than these pics and even if they are I can guarantee they're no worse than these rooms were 3 weeks ago!!

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Sarah said...

It's amazing how fast they can trash something! I am HOPING to avoid this by getting rid of somethings! And oragizing the other stuff a little bit better! We shall see..... Good luck! Thanks for linking!


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