Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cellfire Coupons!

New exciting feature to the site! Have you heard of Cellfire?
I've posted about them before! This is where you can load coupons right to your Store card. I use it for Kroger. They also have coupons for Owens, Dillions, Frys, Hilander and many more. You can check here to see if your store is included.
Basically 2 times a month they post new coupons and you can go here and load them right onto your store card. There's no clipping and no remembering the coupon. Just make sure you get the exact item and the money will come off automatically! It's so easy to use. They always have awesome coupons of very useable items.
Twice a month, when new coupons come out, I will post and remind you that there are new coupons to load! To get started you can go here and load these coupons.
New ones come out in a few days so be sure to load these soon!
You can also get these from my left sidebar!

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