Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Homeschool Review - Spelling

For Spelling we use "A Reason for Spelling". I started using this program last year and used it again this year. We really like it!
We started with level B and used C this year. I am able to have both my 4th grader and my 2/3 grader do the same level.
For each child you will need a student book which costs around $14.50 from Rainbow Resource.
Then you will need 1 Teachers Book for $27.95. I'm debating on skipping the teachers book next year to cut cost. I don't think we would miss out on too much. The only thing I would miss is the dictation, I would just have to make it up. I don't think that would be a problem!
Without the Teacher's book the program would only cost me around $29. next year for 2 kids. Not Bad!!
You can go here to "A Reason For's" website and they have placement tests to help you know which level would be best for your child. They also have sample pages to look at or download and print them out.
So what do you use for Spelling? Do you use a formal program or just make up words?
Leave a comment and let me know!


Danielle said...

We use Abeka curriculum and we do their spelling as well...I really like that I can use one curriculum that has everything we need...although I think I might check into the grammar stuff you use...I feel we need more of that...I am considering going with Abeka DVD series this coming year...Each day Lance would watch a teacher on the screen and she would teach him his lessons and then he would do his work as usual...I am thinking this would help free me up bit to help Caleb and I want more time to work with Zach on some speech stuff and other basic preschool stuff.. I just wish the DVD series wasn't so expensive and that we got to keep it (you are basically renting it from Abeka)....any thoughts on that?

Mominin said...

I use Sequential Spelling starting in 3rd grade. With the pregnancy and new baby this year we only made it a third of the way through the book...but we will just start where we left off next year. There is a "test" every day. A word is given, the student writes it, then the teacher writes it on a white board (color coding the different parts of the word), then the student immediately corrects the word. Then you move on to the next word. I was very skeptical at first, but Caleb's spelling has really improved with this curriculum!

Megan said...

Danielle, I have no ideas about the DVD thing. I've never really looked into it and I don't know anyone who uses something like that.

I can see how it would really free up time, although as they get older it seems they do more on their own anyway.

Yea it'd be a much better deal if you could keep it and use it for your other 3 kids.

sorry I'm not much help. Keep me informed if you use it and like it!


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