Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

Total for this picture was $43.28
I spent $14.30 at Meijer for 17 items
$28.98 at Kroger for 43 items
Total $43.28 for 60 items. That's .72 cents per item!
I was able to snag 2 yoplait yogurts for .14 cents each and a YoPlus yogurt for Free after MQ. Also a 5# bag of red potatoes for $1.49. All these items were on Managers Special at Kroger .
Other free items at Kroger were the Sobe and suave deodorant.
I also got Daisy Sour cream at Meijer for free after MQ.
This was a real quick stop at Walgreens. I had already been to a different Walgreens earlier in the week. See the details here.
This trip I did 2 transactions.
They were out of the Ecotrin and I got the last monitor that I could find.
1st trans. was the monitor and paid $1.05 in tax got back 5 RR
used that to pay for the sugar and jelly and paid .60 cents.
Total for 5# sugar and 2 jellies was $1.65
Total for the week was
Kroger -- $28.98
Meijer -- $14.30
Walgreens - $1.65
Total $51.45
I will need to buy a little meat from our butcher so I might go over my $55. budget a touch again this week! That's okay with me since I got so much from Walgreens earlier in the week. Also next week is going to be my skip week. Unless of course Meijer knocks my socks off with an awesome sale!
Did you find any awesome sales this week??


Megan said...

Wow, your grocery trips are amazing! I have the CVS and Walgreens game down, but I don't even come close to your gorcery game.

Megan said...

Thank-you. I've seen your pics and budget, I'd say you do pretty good yourself!!!!

Katie said...

That is one of the best pics I've seen. :-)

AudreyO said...

Hmmm want to shop for me? I work at saving, but I don't even come close to saving what you do.

Anonymous said...

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shelley said...

man, i need to take you shopping with me you would faint if you saw how much my food bill is! i NEED to read your tips, i am determined now! lol thanks for the inspiration!! i'm following you now!!

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Wow, you did an amazing job this week.


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