Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homeschool Review -- Grammar

For Grammar we use Easy Grammar. You can see and read all about it here.
I have used this system for 2 years now and absolutely love it!
We start using it for 3rd grade.
The basis of this program is to learn your prepositions/ prep. phrases and then finding other parts of speech becomes very easy! And it works!! I never learned my preps in school and was not taught this method. I always struggled with English and hated it. I think if I would have been taught like this it would have made a lot more sense and been much easier!
Here's an example sentence...
A mother with her child ran across the park.
to find the subject and verb, first cross out any prep. phrases (I will highlight in red)
A mother with her child ran across the park.
all that is left is
A mother.... ran....
You can easily see that the subject is mother and verb is ran
In 3rd grade they learn a list of about 28 preps
In 4th grade the list grows to 40
I can't talk about 5th until next year!!
They offer other items like daily grams, but I only get the childs book for $13.95 and the teachers book for $27.95
So total cost would be around $42. for first child but then only $13.95 for additional kids since I already own the teachers manual. This makes it pretty cheap for my additional kids, which is important since I have 4!
This program has worked really well for us and the plan is to use it next year!
So what do you use for Grammar Class?? I love to keep my options open and have an idea of what everyone else uses.... You never know if this program will stop working for us in the future!!!


Anonymous said...

I, too, used Easy Grammar for elementary and middle-school years. I have a master's degree in English and I'm very picky about my English curriculum. I think this is a great program! For later middle-school and early high school I prefer Warriner's English Grammar and Composition. It's out-of-print now and considered dated, but I find it to be a well-written and thorough review of grammar and writing basics. You can still get the books through Amazon or Powell's Books online.

Megan said...

Awesome, I will keep that in mind for late middle school & high school.
I'm sure late middle school will be here before I know it!!!

Mominin said...

I use Growing with Grammar. We also start with it in third grade. This is our first year - but we both really like it (O.K., Caleb probably doesn't really like it, but he doesn't ever complain about it, either). There is lots of built-in review, which is really nice.

For first-second grade we use First Language Lessons. It just gently introduces the parts of speech - and has them memorize the definitions through repetition. It is almost all oral.

Danielle said...

I know I am late getting to commenting on this post...I wanted to take time and actually look through more of what you had to say and check ou the link....We use Abeka for everything, but I feel there is a real lack of grammar taught thus far (as we finish 2nd with Lance)....I saw that this company should be at the convention this weekend and think I am going to add them to my list of retailer to check out and possibly purchase from...THanks...very helpful info!


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