Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

All this for $42.35!!
This week I spent $18.56 at Kroger for 32 items (saving 71%)
$17.79 at Meijer for 19 items (saving $26.84)
and $6.00 at Walmart (for 12 VanCamps Beans)
Total was $42.35 for 63 items or .67 cents per item!!
Now I did spend some more of my $55. budget at
KMart -- $5.59 (get $5.00 back in rebate) - 27 items
and $3.95 at Kroger (ex. trip for milk & GM Deal) - 6 items
So Grand Total for the week is $51.89 (plus get $5. back in rebate) --
for 96 items or .54 cents per item!!
I will probably spend another $10. or so in Meat at my local butcher which will put me over my $55. budget by about $5..... I can live with that no problem for all the extra goodies I got at Kmart Super Doubles and Krogers Awesome GM Deal this week!!
Wonder how I get my groceries so about it here and here! It's all about matching coupons and sales! Leave a comment, I'd love to answer your questions and teach you how to start saving a bundle too!!
So how did you do this week??
Did you find any awesome deals???
Let us know!!!


Megan said...

Yowzah!!! Great Job!

Danielle said...

What a great week!!!You should be proud!!

Mama of 3 Munchkins! said...

I must say you did quite well, I will be doing my shopping tomorrow.


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