Monday, July 27, 2009

Kid Quote Monday

On Monday's I'm starting "Kid Quote Monday"
because kids always say the craziest things and I'd like a place to go back and always remember!!!
If you'd like to join leave your link in the comments. If you all would like, I could also add a Mister Linky. And next week maybe I'll even have a banner to go with it. This time we're winging it!!!
We picked our 2 older kids up from camp on Friday evening. On the way home my son said he shed a few tears when opening his mail a couple mornings. I said that's okay it was his first time away like this and I thought he did great!
Then my 8 year old daughter said...
"Yea mom I tried to cry a couple times to
see if I missed you, but I just couldn't do it"

Oh I laughed and laughed.
If you only knew this girl it was exactly what I would have expected her to say!
One more cute quote from last week...
Like I said Monday morning we dropped off 2 kids at camp.
In the afternoon my 3 yr. old comes over to me with a pouty look and said
"Mom, when Chi Halee coming home? I weally weally miss dem".
How cute is that!!!
Let us know what cute, crazy, unthinkable quote's your kids have said lately!
Leave it in a comment!
Hope that made you smile!!


Sabbie Bee said...

My 10 year old son to his cousin

"Stephanie, you don't need a shower. Just use air freshener"

Megan said...

Air freshener! That's hilarious!!

Kimber said...

My 13-month old has been learning her animal noises and has been convinced the birds say "RAAAR." (Yes, like lions.) Last week after a difficult Target run (where she wanted to do everything but stay in the cart), we were in the parking lot and she started squealing "WEET WEET!!" She had seen some birds ... and she knew that birdies say Tweet! I was so excited, I forgot that I'd been a tiny bit annoyed with my angel! :o)

Danielle said...

I loved hearing these funny things all over again...still funny the second time around!!!

LilKim said...

My sister and I were taking my niece to the drive-thru at McDonalds. We told her, "Sorry, honey, we can't get a happy meal..." So she replied in her pitiful poor me voice, "Is it gonna be a saaaad meal?"

Megan said...

I love hearing all these quotes!! They all make me smile and laugh!

Anne M. said...

Since moving here with grandpa, the kids have really got into waving at any car that goes by (rural road, about 6 cars a day). By now they know who waves & who don't.

My 5 yr old daughter came up and said - "Mom, that woman in the red car never waves, so I flicked her off!"

As I sat stunned wondering where in the world did she learn that!!!??? I said "you did what??!" She said "yea, I flicked her off" while making a movement like one would to flick off a crumb. TOO FUNNY!! =)


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