Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - Garden

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before but
Here's an update...

This was taken over a week ago.
I've meant to do a garden update days ago and well you know how it is...
It just didn't get done!!!

The peppers were weighing the poor plant down
to the ground so I had to stake it up.
Worked pretty good!

I whined for weeks saying I think I just have green tomatoes and that would never turn but one day we found this and since I've harvested about 5 red tomatoes. (yes that was a long sentence!) Patience is something I'm not good with a lot of the time!!!

My tomato row looked like this before we went camping for the weekend. While we were gone we apparently had a major rain down pour or wind and it left my tomato row looking like this...

I can't seem to fix them either.
So There goes a bunch of tomatoes hidden under being smashed with no sunlight. We'll see how they do.

And oh I just adore the little tiny watermelons growing so quickly. I can seriously see the difference from one day to the next!
My 10 yr old shares my excitement and
goes out early every morning to give me a report!!!
So how's your garden doing???
Leave your link in the comments I'd love to come check it out!
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Sarah said...

We DEFINITELY love ours too. LOVE the fresh veggies!

Your garden looks good!
Thanks for participating!

Susan said...

Your garden and veggies look really good. I love your watermelon. I wish I had more space to grow things like that. As for your tomatoes, my vines fell over some too. I thought maybe its just heavy now from all the tomatoes. Thanks for the update.

Staci said...

I need to do a garden update on my blog. Most of my readers aren't interested based on my I have put it on the back burner. I have lots of garden recipes this week on my blog. Check it out.

Mom of three little Princesses said... I know where to get some tomatoes and watermelon....I may be over during the night! Looks great!

Daisy said...

Ohh indeed! What lovely garden you have!

Passing by from Things that I Love meme... ;-)



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