Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finally she tells me...

My daughter came to me crying....

What's the matter I ask...
Reluctant, She finally tells.

She has a tooth coming in over 2 of her baby teeth.
She was scared to tell me because she knows it will
need to be pulled. The thought scares her greatly.
So she's been keeping it to herself for over a week.

Finally she tells me, we talk and she feels better.
I tell her no matter what she should come to me first.
It does no good to worry about it. To let the problem fester.
It only brings more worry, more fear, more unknown.

She came back and told me thank you again. She knew
everything would be alright even though she's still going to
face the dentist... We'll do it together...

As she left I felt a parallel. How many times do I wait, try
to deal with it myself, worry about something before I
finally take it to my Heavenly Father. Why not just
give it to him right away. Why do I worry? Why let problems fester?
If I Give it to the Lord
I'll feel peace.
Just like my daughter did when she let me know her secret!

~Another lesson I'm reminded to do with my Heavenly Father
as I teach my own precious children~


my little world said...

this is so true. I tell my daughter all the time she can go to the Lord anytime for anything and doesn't have to wait. (also that she can tell me anything). I do also myself sometimes tend to wait to take things to the Lord. Great post!

Good Luck to you both at the dentist. My daughter hates the dentist too and hated pulling out her teeth.. I totally understand.

Ann said...

So very true, sometimes we forget how easy it is to take all our problems to our Heavenly father and leave our burdens with Him. There is no need for us to worry. God is everywhere and He knows the plans He has for us. There is a little saying I like. "Cast all your cares on God, He is up all night anyway"

The Aberdeen Shopper said...

This was beautiful!! Sometimes God just needs to reminds us and it is great when it is through our children!!


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