Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Redbox Movie Rentals

I've heard so much about this...So earlier today I went to Walmart and rented 2 movies. I got the free promo code here. She seems to have a code every Monday. Thanks Sarah!
Anyway we just got done watching our first movie..."Horton hears a Who" ... cute movie! especially for FREE!
Here's the details of Redbox. It was extremely easy to do. You can go here to see if your area has a Redbox. Ours in a Walmart and there are some in McDonalds. It looks like a movie vending machine. Very odd!
You can also see the list of movies available before you go here. Just type in your zip code. Then click on "view titles here" by the location you will be visiting! This way you will know what you want to rent before going and won't have to stand there searching.
There is a computer screen that you rent from. Simply push "rent with promo" on the first screen. You will then enter your promo code. Next you pick your movie and add to cart. Then you simply check out. You will still need to use a credit card. You will not be charged unless you don't return it on time the next day. (I think it's 9pm) Then you will be charged $1. per day.
(To rent 2 movies free you will need to do them separately and use 2 different credit cards)
Well as soon as the kiddos go to bed we will be watching Eagle Eye...hubbys choice!
Enjoy your evening!


Danielle said...

Ya know I think I slightly remember seeing one of those in our Walmart...but I wasn't sure what it was...and since I NEVER go to Walmart anymore (wooohooo) I never have checked it out. Thanks for the heads up maybe we will try it out sometime soon!! Is the link from you sil?

Danielle said...

By the way, LOVE the new pic of you and Haley!!!!


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