Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mister Linky Help

Follow these steps to use Mister Linky and link a specific post.

1. Make a post on your blog as you normally would and publish it.

2. After it’s on your blog, click on the title and it should make it so that’s the only entry on the page.

3. Next highlight the URL (the http...) at the top and press ctrl C. This should copy your URL.

4. Next go back to the mister linky box on my blog (or where ever). Type in your name and a short message (message optional) on the “Name” line.

5. Last highlight the “URL” box and delete everything. Press ctrl V and it should paste your specific URL there.

Click “enter” and you should appear! You can check your link by clicking on your name!


Hope this helps!!

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