Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kroger week of 2-3

Not very exciting this week. But it usually isn't after a big 2 week Mega Sale! I am actually doing my shopping on Wednesday and taking advantage of the Mega Sale one more time before the ad changes on Thursday!

Here's what I see in the new ad..keep in mind my store triples to .50cents

**10# potatoes-- $2.49
**Ground Chuck $1.87 /lb. --you have to get it in the 3# family pack
**Multi grain cheerios--$1.66 - $1. MQ printable and loadable .75 cellfire --Free
**Trix or honey nut cheerios--$1.66 -$1./2MQ---$1.16
**Half gallon milk-- 5/$7 or 4/$5 depending on location...includes chocolate!
**Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast--50% off -$1.MQ= aprox. .78 cents
**BC potatoes --$1.25 -.35MQ = .20 cents
**Yoplait yogurt--$2. -.35MQ= .95 cents
Daytona 500 sale..buy 10 participating items get $3. off instantly. prices are with the .30 cents off already... Make sure you get these items in sets of 10.
**Manwich-- .70 cents- .50/2MQ= FREE
**Chef Boyardee--.58 cents- .35/3= .33 cents each
**Ritz crackers--$2.38 -$2./2= $1.38 each
**BC Fruit Snacks--$1.49- .50/2= .75 cents each
**Ragu--$1.39- .75/2= $1.01 each
Well looking a little deeper into the ad it doesn't look so bad anymore! I might have to take advantage of this ad early next week!
Let me know if you see something else!


Danielle said...

Doesn't look to bad this week like you said....Thanks for the post!

Bovee Brigade said...

I was at the Sturgis Kroger today and was quite pleased. I hadn't been grocery shopping for two weeks, spent $60.00 and saved $40.00. They have a lot of things on manager's specials like .89 cent whole wheat bread(Gold Medal bread), .79 cent whole wheat hamburger buns, $1.49 for 1 dozen free range eggs, $1.89 beef smoked sausage. Between manager's specials and great coupon match ups on unadvertised deals, I did really good. Readers from that area, don't overlook other sales they are having in store!

Megan said...

Great Job Kristie! I always look for and pick up at least 3-5 managers specials every week! They do seem to always have bread on managers special. The other one I always look for is yogurt and meat.
thanks for the reminder to let everyone know!!


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