Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Groceries

Not a bad week overall! I took advantage of the Mega Sale at Kroger one more time!! I think we have enough granola bars to last a looooong time!! I also hope they keep having the cottonelle toilet paper coupons, but even if they stopped, I think my 22 4-packs would last us quite some time!! (yes the toilet paper stock is getting a little out of control!!)

Here's the run down...
I spent $28.15 at Kroger for 35 items and saved 69%
I also went to Aldis this week and spent $17.73 for 18 items
Earlier in the week I went to another Kroger and spent $8.xx for 7 items (not pictured)
All together I spent about $53.88 for 60 items. That's just under .90 cents per item!
I didn't go to Meijer or Walgreens this week.
At CVS I only spent cents. I hope they start having some MM. My extra bucks are getting a little low! I need cheap milk!!
And Yes I got MORE wacky mac...did you notice that the coupons have been reset??
print more here and I think here
How was your week??


Nimue926 said...

I can top the your Cottonelle stockpile. I had over 60 packs at one point! Free it great!

Megan said...

Wow I got a ways to go but I'm working on it!!


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