Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walgreens 2-8

Here's the few items I see at Walgreens this week...
Bounty paper towels--.89 cents- .25 MQ= .65 cents will need 7 day coupon from flyer
snickers/ milky way--.49 cents (does anyone know where to get these cheaper?) I need to get a stash going as my hubby is loving milky way chocolate shakes right now!!
Progresso Soup--$1.25 - $1.10MQ here= .15 cents (print 2 by hitting your back button and then refreshing the page.)
Joy dish soap-- .99 - .30MQ= .70 cents--you will need 7 day Q for this.
that's all I see at a quick glance. What do you see??
You can see all the deals and ad scans here.

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