Tuesday, June 30, 2009

.99 cent Milk -- CVS

I don't know how long this will last
but I just went to CVS and got 3 gallons of milk.
I used a 5 ecb so my total was .99 cents oop.
Then a $3. ecb printed for buying the milk!!
I thought I was just going to waste $5. ecb turns out I only wasted $2.ecb!!!!!
I'm thinking that this is the oreo and milk deal -- limit of 1
But you might not even have to buy the oreos.
If you need milk you might try it.
Buy 3 gallons of milk @ $1.99 each in our region
pay $5.97 or with ecb like I did.
You might just get a $3. ecb back
Which means you only paid .99 cents for each gallon of milk after ecb!
Let us know if it works for you in your region!


Danielle said...

Thanks for the heads up I actually am just about out of milk...only a tiny bit left and I thought about going to town later tonight.....I just might try it :)

Anonymous said...

It worked for me too - I bought 2 milks this weekend and 1 today and I got my $ 3.00 ECB. I am in Illinois.


Anonymous said...

It worked in Oklahoma! I bought 3 gallons of Borden milk ($2.69 each), used 3- .75/1 IP on them (2.25) and paid 5.82. Got back $3 in ECB, so after ECB I paid .94 for each gallon!! Thanks!!!

Megan said...

Awesome, so glad it's working in other areas!!

DESJ and Company said...

is it only 2% or will skim work too? And is it Deans only or any brand?
Thanks-heading out tomorrow...

Alli said...

I was told by an employee that it was only the 2% that was working (and on sale). I bought the skim and nothing showed up on my receipt, but I only bought one. Usually, though, there is some listing that you are in the process of a deal, you know?

SH said...

Thanks for the tip !
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This Real Mommy said...

What a great deal! Thanks for the heads up! :)

smgaff said...

It's normally only 2% that is on sale. And yes it was Dean's

Anonymous said...

Mine was whole milk and it was Bordens. But, you must buy 3. Will not work with one.

Mama Whitney said...

Thanks so much! I did this last night! We always need milk!


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