Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly Groceries $55. Budget

This week I spent $56.14 plus $6.xx at my local Butcher, $5. at Dollar General for 10 cans of beans, and $1. at CVS for milk...
So I was over my $55. Budget by $13.
but I got 4 cases of pop to stock up at the $4. price. It's been a while since I've seen Mt. Dew for $4. /24 pack. So that was $16. of it!

At Kroger I spent $19.84 for 35 items (58% savings)
At Meijer I spent $36.30 for 31 items including the Mt Dew
Total for these pics was $56.14 for 66 items (10 Kool Aid)
or .85 cents per item or .98 cents without the Kool Aid
I'm going to try to make up for this next week.
I might even do a skip week. I haven't skipped a week in May or June! I've been having to much fun getting the deals. But I think maybe it's time, we'll see how the deals look next week!!
Did you have a good week???
Remember if you're new to coupons or have a question.
Please ask, I love questions!! Leave a comment or email me!!
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