Friday, July 3, 2009

Grilled Pizza -- DELICIOUS!!!

Okay we tried Grilled Pizza and it was a total success!
We LOVED it!
Here's how to do it...
I used Frozen bread like shown.
I'm sure you could use homemade, bread machine, or whole wheat. I would think any bread dough would work!
I used 2 loaves. I think 1 loaf would feed us with no leftovers. So two was PLENTY for our family of 6 with lots of leftovers!

I put them in sprayed loaf pans at 8 am in the morning.
I also sprayed the saran wrap with cooking spray and put it over the top.
By 3:30 pm this is how they looked.
I got a picture of me rolling them out but it disappeared. (nice huh)
Anyway, put some flour on the counter and take half of one loaf and spread it out with a rolling pin. They don't have to be perfect shape as you can see mine are very odd shaped! I rolled mine fairly thin. Do the same with the other half of the dough.

Either spray one side with cooking spray or I brushed a very thin layer of olive oil on one side. Take them out and plop them on the grill, sprayed side down of course. We did everything on low setting. We left them on for around 4-5 min. or until they look like this on one side (below).....
Note while hubby was grilling this set, I was rolling out the other set of dough and then just switched. While he was grilling the 2nd set of dough I was putting the toppings on the 1st set. It worked really slick with 2 people. In the end we had 4 small to medium pizzas.

Bring them back in and spray or olive oil the doughy side.
You will put your toppings on the grilled done side.

Put your sauce and toppings on just like you would a normal pizza.
Make sure it's on the grilled side!

Take them back to the grill and grill the doughy side. Make sure to close your grill so the cheese melts. We tried a pizza stone but ended up not using it because it wasn't cooking. We just put them right on the grill and it worked great. It took about 5-7 minutes and they were done.

Oh my goodness were they good. The crust was so filling I ate about half what I usually eat when I make homemade pizza (I normally have a super thin crust).

Half eaten but you get the idea! I couldn't wait to eat it.
This one we used ranch dressing as the sauce and put grilled chicken, mushrooms, and cheese on it! Absolutely Wonderful! Experiment with what toppins and sauses you like. We thought about doing a BBQ sauce and chicken too!
So there you have it!!
You don't even have to start your oven in the summer for pizza! Thanks for the recipe Mom, we'll be doing this again very soon!
If something doesn't make sense or
if you have a question please ask!!


Jackie said...

We've done the grilled pizza before too. It works great--especially with no AC! :)

karenmed409 said...

what a awesome idea, never tried to make the crust with bread dough.
Our scouts are going to love this!


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