Monday, June 29, 2009

Patriotic Dessert Recipe

I'm planning to try this dessert later in the week, but wanted to post the recipe in case anyone else needs something for 4th of July parties!
The actual recipe is for a patriotic pie like shown above.
You can see that recipe here.
I am changing it a bit and putting it into this dish
in order to serve more people!
My simple plan is to layer pie ingredients in this dish.
If you'd like to try this here's exactly what I'm doing...
You'll need
2 small packages red jello
2 small packages blue jello
1 Large container cool whip
1-2 graham cracker crusts or use crumbs
***Make red jello and blue jello separately according to package directions and let it set up completely. I'm guessing I'll need two small packages of each
***Next make the Graham cracker crumb crust according to it's package. Not sure if I'll need one crust or two. I'll just put it in a 9x13 pan kinda crumbled up to bake.
*** When it's done baking let it cool. Then crumble 1/3 of it to the bottom of the dish.
*** Next add a little less than half the red jello
*** Add a layer of cool whip
*** Add a layer of blue jello
*** Then repeat the 4 layers one more time topping with a touch of cool whip!
That's it!
Really I think it will be simple to make and hopefully look festive and be yummy! I wish I had a done picture but I don't so you'll have to use your imagination!
Maybe I'll post one on Friday for you if I have time!
What are you making for the 4th???
Have a great week!

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