Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fresh from the Garden!

My First Garden Harvest!!!
(( That's lettuce in the bag!))
Boy did it make for an awesome lunch
Salad with cucumbers, broccoli, and ranch
with a side of fresh peas from my wonderful neighbor's garden!!
Boy was I feeling healthy... At least for a few moments!
I think I'll have several more cucumbers ready
in a couple days. I can't wait to make the
yummy cucumber salad!
If you have a garden, I'd love to know
what you've been harvesting!!!


Genesa said...

Looks awesome Megan! We got too late of a start! We have had some lettuce, but that's it!

Michelle said...

Yay, Megan! I've only gotten herbs so far. Enjoy your bounty :)

Staci said...

HI! Cool for you. Way to go. I love cucumber salad. In Northern UT we have TONS of peas this week. We have been freezing and eating them this week. Lettuce and spinach are done-too hot. Beets need to be picked and canned. Carrots are getting bigger in the ground. Onions are still growing but we are eating them too. Zucchini and yellow Squash are young and tender. Strawberries are almost done. I am canning pie filling this week. I need to post some on my blog for everyone to see. Just getting back from vacation Stay tuned to my blog. Take care.

Amanda said...

I wish I would have planted cucumbers this year. Cucumber salad with fresh dill is a favorite of mine. Like Staci, the lettuce is about done due to hot weather here in Central Washington. Harvested and froze the last of the peas this week. My tomatoes are growing like crazy and I have had a few ripe cherry tomatoes, but not much yet. Still getting a bunch of kale, green onions and radishes. The brussel sprouts are starting to grow but I am told they are best after the first frost so it will be a while! I did pick up a few broccoli starters at the farmers market today to plant next to the brussel sprouts where the peas have been taken out now.

I am now looking at "fall crops" that I should get planted in the next few weeks (our first frost is around the end of September/beginning of October) and would love suggestions!

I haven't posted any new photos recently but will try to tomorrow:


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