Monday, June 29, 2009

Laundry Ball Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Okay here it is!
Thanks to all who entered and made this a really fun giveaway.
Here is the 17 winners and what they won.
1 Grand Prize!
Complete laundry System
3 winners each getting 1 - 1 year laundry ball
#305 -- Kimber (my3texans....)
#37 -- Marion G (Anonymous)
#50 -- Halifax
10 winners each getting a chapstick
#282-- Annette Doggett
#140 -- LilKim (no email)
#47 Halifax -- double winner! lucky you!
#35 -- mamabearmills
#213 -- Jodie Taylor (no email)
#145 -- Stephanie (scgoo3....)
#9 -- mominin
#326 -- Bloggy Finds
#34 -- mamabearmills -- another double winner!
#103 -- Mrscrum86 -- no email
1 Winner of the ayate cloth
#169 -- CC (speechforme....)
2 Winners of 1 bar goat milk soap each
#121 -- Heather (raingaze.....)
#165 -- CC -- Speechforme...( another double winner)!
Here are your random numbers:280 305 37 50 282
140 47 35 213 145
9 326 34 103 169
121 165
Timestamp: 2009-06-29 19:27:49 UTC
Thanks for being patient with me, this is alot to keep track of!!
I will email everyone that I have email address for.
Those that didn't have email addresses or if you didn't receive my email....
please email me at
dailyessentialsanddeals at gmail dot com
You have 48 hrs to be in contact or
I will have to pick new winners!
If you didn't win and would like to order your
laundry system you can visit Mystic Wonder here!
Again Thanks so much for Entering!
Check out the top of my screen for my other
giveaways going on!


Elizabeth said...

Congrats to all the winners!! Sigh...and my streak of never winning stuff continues! :-)

tawnda said...

congrats winners! I know you will be very happy with the laundry balls! (if not... send them my way! lol)

Anonymous said...

Not to rain on anybody's parade, but I won one of these a few months ago, tested it against my own cheap detergent, and it did no better than plain water. I even followed instructions and "cleaned" my washer first using the ball. Very disappointing, but that's about what you'd expect from people who call Edgar Cayce a prophet without a hint of irony. Will blog with pictures when time permits.

Megan said...

Spoodles, I'm curious what was your test. Did your clothes smell??? Did they still have dirt on them???

Mine do not smell and they do not look dirty. What more can you test??

And what are you talking about with the Edgar Cayce thing???? I'm clueless I guess....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Megan
I know I'm going to enjoy my laundry balls. They are really appreciated.


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