Monday, June 15, 2009

Awesome Kraft Coupons Back!!

Go here to print some more awesome Kraft coupons!!
Edit-- These may only be redeemable at Publix stores.
They are clearly Manufactures coupons because they start with 5 and the coupons says to send to Kraft. However they also clearly say to redeem at Publix and say Retailer Coupon.
So use your judgement...
My apologies to anyone who printed these
and can't use them.....


Kelsey said...

Hi Megan! I just printed off these coupons and they save "Retailer Coupon" and "Redeem at Publix"....can you use these anywhere? Or only at Publix? Your coupon expertise is needed! :)

Kelsey Bullock (or my website)

Megan said...

Hi Kelsey, So sorry I'm just sure it didn't say that this morning but I must have just missed it.

I'm really sorry you printed these.

I edited my post.

These are clearly manufacturers coupons because they start with 5 and say to send to Kraft for payment. Store coupons wouldn't say that.

But they also say Redeem at Publix and Retailer Coupon.

So in my expertise????? I'm not sure what to do with them. I guess we shouldn't use them but I'm also sure if you did they would get paid for them....

Use your judgement I guess!!

Again sorry for anyone who printed them... i didn't have time to print this morning or I might have caught it!


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