Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot Money Maker at CVS!!

$8.02 Money Maker!!!

It worked!!!
At CVS this week if you buy 2 Style Science Lens Cleansing Cloths for .99 cents each you should get a $10 ecb back! -- limit one set
$8.02 Money Maker!!! (Or as I see it FREE MILK)!!!
I just tried it and it worked perfectly, however I never would have thought this was the right product if I didn't have the UPC # with me. No where, that I see, on the package does it say Style Science.
So look for this package and this UPC #
0 300 48 47128 9
They were located on the sunglasses rack in the front of the store.
Also reported UPC that work are (I haven't tried these and didn't see them)
8 83019 00550 7
0 30048 47129 6
Happy Hunting


Tina said...

I got the StyleScience brand of Lens Cleaning Tissues for $.99 each and can confirm that they will generate the $10 ECB also!! UPC is 883019005507. The package is silver and was at the bottom a turning rack with sunglasses at the front of the Middlebury IN CVS. I also got a gallon of milk and used $4 ECB to pay. So not only did I walk out with a $6 profit, I got my 3rd gallon of milk towards the B5G1 gallon of milk deal going on. AWESOME DEAL!

Anonymous said...

It didn't work at all for me the ecb did not print at all and they said that it was fraudulant and nothing would be given back to me. I was NOT happy. Another woman was trying it as well and no luck.


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