Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Groceries $55. Budget

Total for this picture was
I spent $27.26 at Meijer for 35 items (saving $37.98)
And at Kroger I spent $21.95 for 34 items (46% savings)
Total $49.21 for 69 items or .71 cents per item.
I also spent $2.xx at Walgreens and a few dollars at CVS.
BTW don't miss the CVS money maker!!!
I will not be hitting Butcher Bob's this week since I've used up our budget and I have plenty of meat to get through!
So that's it, nothing too exciting this week
How'd you do??
For more grocery pix visit grocerycartchallenge

3 comments: said...

Great job and savings!

Lisa said...

I love seeing so many groceries for so little! Great job!

Megan said...

Once again, my hats off to you! I just haven't been motivated to do much grocery shopping the past couple of months let alone work the deals. I hope to do better next month! Thanks for posting on my linky.


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