Monday, June 15, 2009

Meal Plan Monday- Weekly Meals

Here's our plan this week!

Monday -- Whole fryer chicken in crockpot, smashed potatoes, veggies
Tuesday -- Scrambled eggs with fresh mushrooms, ham, and cheese; smokey links, toast
Wednesday -- Homemade chicken fingers , Baked fries, apple slices
Thursday -- Spaghetti, cheesy bread, applesauce
Friday -- Out or leftovers
Saturday -- Homemade Pizza
Sunday -- Hamburgers, Wacky Mac Salad, Watermelon
To make my smashed potatoes I'm going to add sour cream and ranch dressing! Smashed just means that you don't peel them. Hubby actually prefers this and I love it because it's less waste and no peeling!!!


christine fong said...

smashed potatoes? its mashed potatoes :). its weird if u try to smash potatoes

Megan said...

Hi Christine,

Smashed potatoes means that the peelings are left on. You always mash them the same way.

We like to leave the peeling on so there's less waste, more nutrients, and it's a whole lot easier not to peel them!

Hope that makes sense!


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